Can someone else remote open my garage door

It all starts with the vulnerability of electronic devices Can someone else remote open my garage door, and are Wifi garage door openers secure, it’s still why does my garage door randomly open by itself? Are Wifi garage door openers secure Are Wifi smart garage door openers safe? Can smart garage door remete automation be hacked? Not all smart garage door openers and automations are safe. Most use strong encryption for data transmission. The problem is that any device connected to the internet can be hacked, this is the great weakness of the automatisms and connected locks. In this regard, it is easier for a hacker to enter your garage using computer techniques and / or signal jammers as long as you think you can close it than by forcibly picking excellent security locks locked. Why does my garage door randomly open by itself 9 Reasons why up-and-over garage doors tend to open by themselves: Problems with wireless Remote control not working or broken due to falls on the ground Lack of assistance Wrong settings and incorrect wiring Damaged electronic boards Blinding of the photocells and / or sensor misalignment Micro switches or tampers jammed or melted by the heat, poor watertightness of the equipment containment boxes Machining or milling residues on the circuits Attempts to break in or disturb the signal through Jammer and / or Rifd readers Can someone else remote open my garage door with special radiofrequency devices? I recommend that you also read an article on Jammers, read it here.