Can someone else remote open my garage door

It all starts with the vulnerability of electronic devices Can someone else remote open my garage door, and are Wifi garage door openers secure, it’s still why does my garage door randomly open by itself? Are Wifi garage door openers secure Are Wifi smart garage door openers safe? Can smart garage door remete automation be hacked? Not all smart garage door openers and automations are safe. Most use strong encryption for data transmission. The problem is that any device connected to the internet can be hacked, this is the great weakness of the automatisms and connected locks. In this regard, it is easier for a hacker to enter your garage using computer techniques and / or signal jammers as long as you think you can close it than by forcibly picking excellent security locks locked. Why does my garage door randomly open by itself 9 Reasons why up-and-over garage doors tend to open by themselves: Problems with wireless Remote control not working or broken due to falls on the ground Lack of assistance Wrong settings and incorrect wiring Damaged electronic boards Blinding of the photocells and / or sensor misalignment Micro switches or tampers jammed or melted by the heat, poor watertightness of the equipment containment boxes Machining or milling residues on the circuits Attempts to break in or disturb the signal through Jammer and / or Rifd readers Can someone else remote open my garage door with special radiofrequency devices? I recommend that you also read an article on Jammers, read it here.

Radio frequency jammers

The excess of comfort and electronics make you lose points in safety In the struggle between cops and thieves, the radio frequency jammers and the rifid readers are the protagonists. Precisely because these are the frequently asked questions that scare many families: Now let’s get to the bottom of a topic very dear to comfortable and technological people. One of the problems that emerges with the increase in technology is the vulnerability of devices that do not use keys but remote commands. Here’s what upsets those who spend and spread in the technological sector applied to security. Let’s start with the theft of modern cars. Car thieves no longer get their hands dirty and from cars to imminent arrive to modern home automation. Without breaking in, without forcing, in the blink of an eye, if it happens to cars think what can happen in a modern connected home! Until a few years ago it took time and effort to steal a car, now the game has changed. The driver runs the risk of losing the car because he has not been able to verify that the vehicle is really closed. Complaints also come from electricians and car mechanics Auto mechanics declare: “Technology increases comfort but with digital security we are still a little behind!” This is what many German engineers think: “A lot of auto makers are so doomed that they sell stuff called Keyless and it doesn’t really guarantee any security. The consumer then has to spend more money on a very secure anti-theft device which should be provided by the manufacturer. This is a disservice! With a mechanical key or a remote control you are the one who intervenes on the closure and connection, it is also called dead man closure; while in the Keyless system the doors close autonomously, without the intervention of the owner, who, moving away, cannot check whether the vehicle has been closed. Come? Are we joking? Can all this technology and the car stay open? Yes, this is the need for the excess of technological comfort. The thief goes into action without even getting his hands dirty! Jammers available with a click online Going deeper into the topic of technology and applying tricks such as the use of jammers, which are so-called modems and signal jammers, these prevent the car’s locking system from being activated. The Jammers themselves intervene to disconnect the routers of the various homes, users will see the disconnection and in an attempt to reconnect to the internet they will not notice that they are entering a connection first that uses the thief / hacker’s Jammer as a bridge. This technique used by thieves skilled in computer hacking can be deepened with online research, which I recommend doing, and is called Man in the Middle. In the fight between cops and robbers, the Jammer is the protagonist. The sale of these products in Italy and on the European free market is not legal, however for 300, 400, 500 Euros it is possible to get them in the Duty Free Area or online in Jammer. They are also illegal in Switzerland but can be bought online at the speed of a couple of clicks. Getting them is therefore child’s play. Towards the new frontier of RIFD readers You can see jammers in action through various online sources and form ideas and opinions about them. However, what will surely make those who love comfort tremble are the new RFID proximity readers, some as large as a 20 cent coin, devices that allow sniffing, reading and cloning of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags. Imagine one of these readers thrown by the thief, from the street, into a pot holder in the garden, becoming invisible to your eyes, ready to pierce your alarm system and take all the home automation codes. With these devices you pretend to be a reader; available in stand alone mode without a PC and the on-line kits have everything you need to start an RFID search. RFID proximity readers and computer hacking in their entirety are the real burglars of the third millennium. They are therefore topics that must be studied and monitored continuously. For this reason, those who choose highly technological, connected anti-theft systems, often connected with home automation and household appliances, must not only make a quality choice, turning to specialized firms, but invest in recursive maintenance, without forgetting that after installing a good alarm or video surveillance system it will be necessary to complete the home anti-intrusion plan with excellent security locks. Tradition and the laws of physics do not go away, and they never will.

How to secure your garage door from burglars

Breaking into the house by picking the garage lock is a common way of forcing entry. Learn how to protect them from thieves! Garage doors install basic locks, but this makes them easy targets for thieves. To prevent break-ins, find out how to properly protect your garage door. In particular, the safety of the most common garage doors in Italy and Europe will be addressed (they are also gaining traction in other countries), namely up and overhead doors or up and over garage doors. How thieves open garage doors Thieves who steal from garages, or who rob the house by breaking into the garage, usually use tools such as sheet metal shears and screwdrivers to force open garage doors. The now widespread technique of cutting the sheet metal on the side of the handle and unlocking the internal mechanism of the overhead door lock is now known all over the world. There are things that the industry does not say: thieves can also unscrew the locking rods of the lock or manipulate the flat key cylinder of very famous brands with the Bulgarian pick. The type of cylinder for the up-and-over lock must be chosen with great care and without skimping. Here’s another weakness of prepackaged, popular, and basic kits. Thieves also sometimes use a sledgehammer to break through the cylinder to the inside, freeing the lock seat. With a few simple tools found in hardware stores, anyone who wants to enter and steal a property can do it. It certainly won’t be a video surveillance camera that will stop thieves, especially when they see easy play with locks. In many condominiums this concept is still not understood. However, some precautions that can be applied to the locking system make the burglary a real nightmare. Understanding the weaknesses on existing products comes the great idea of ​​filing a patent. How to make garage door more secure You should never leave the specification lock on your garage as you found it. After a deed or takeover of a new home, you should immediately change all the locks. It is not enough! Instead of devoting yourself to unnecessarily sophisticated the active part of your alarm system, you should install locks which, in order to be broken into, require the heavy use of very noisy tools, such as electric tools, so that the thief can give up the attempt to break in and leave. A security system that combines different technologies will prevent any unauthorized access to your home and this cannot be done by just an alarm, therefore a single product. The quick and easy picking techniques on commercial garage door locks, even those sold and given for reinforced kits in kits, are different, they should be neglected to produce locks with security features that make them long to pick. How to secure a garage door from the inside Remaining focused on the installation of safety locks, I have to repeat it, this is my job, the deadly mistake made by generalist locksmiths and do-it-yourself fitters and applied to locks for overhead doors is the following. The deadly mistake is that which involves cutting the internal release lever as this type of operation could block the internal mechanism of the overhead lock. Another mistake is to see in a sectorial way how to protect the closure, that is: to display a single solution, the single plate, the defender, 2 or more locking rods, etc. without seeing the context in which the thief can move and attack the uncovered points and integral parts of the lock. Installing a defender and an outer plate leaving the original round cylinder with the specification lock is not a great idea, yet many believe that this is enough. If there is one thing to stay away from in this sector, it is the single-product or simplified solution. Burglary security is complex and you need to learn to embrace complexity. Security locks for up and over garage doors Garage door lock options: there are several types of security locks for garage doors. These include deadbolt locks, bars, floor locks, locks with multiple locking points, deadbolt vs deadlock ect… All very useful, however you may still not have seen the anti-burglary kit for up-and-over doors by Blindax locks, the first system patented by a freelancer in this niche of the sector that is able to make the 8 burglary techniques plus one concerning extremely difficult the locks of overhead doors. Here are the 8 burglary techniques plus one: 1) Picking with European cylinder pick and all tracing techniques, 2) Power key, 3) Strike keys or Bump Key (Bumping technique), 4) Extraction of the cylinder, 5) Breakthrough of the cylinder with inward expulsion, 6) Drilling, cutting and milling of the cylinder, 7) Covering the lock releases (not cutting them), 8) Keep the rods away from the sheet metal and equip them with an anti-cut tip, 9) Unbolt the rods from the lock passing through the cut made on the sheet metal. How to secure your garage door from burglars? To understand how to secure your garage door from burglars immediately set your sights on how to install a secure burglar-proof kit. The Blindax anti-burglary kit for up-and-over doors is patented and defends your garage from all 9 hanging break-in techniques described. Guarda questo video su YouTube

How to avoid theft in the garage

Total safety on up and over doors, Blindax security locks for garage doors in a complete and Patented kit You’ve probably heard about garage thieves before. They’re everywhere, and they’re getting more sophisticated by the day. But what are they after? And how do you protect yourself from them? How to avoid theft in the garage? You may think that your car, motorcycle, racing bike, MTB, scooter and all your sports equipment are safe in your garage, but they are vulnerable to theft. Thieves will be looking for easy targets, so be aware that garage doors are not secure. This is the real weakness of home security. If you have a security system installed in your home, such as an alarm system or a video surveillance system, make sure it is up to date, that it complies with the regulations, especially the rules of privacy and condominium ones, if you live in a residence or condominium. Also, consider installing physical devices and door and window armor that visually impress and make the shrewd thief retreat or desist. These devices, such as security locks, armored doors and anti-break-in windows, should be fundamental parts for the safety of the home. For this reason it is very limiting to skimp and therefore fall back only on the work given by the active signaling, when then, an old lock can be blocked at any time or be opened by any thief equipped with a common and banal Bulgarian key. If you have an automatic garage door opener, then a remote controlled motorization, make sure it is set up and updated correctly with the safest and most filtered radio frequencies possible. It should open only when a button is pressed, not independently by approaching or moving away from the property, nor by making use of home automation connections that rely on the internet. Also, make sure that the remote control is kept out of the reach of children and pets. An automation that works with the most up-to-date radio frequencies can help you avoid garage thefts if the thief uses a signal jammer, such as a jammer. A Jammer is a device that can be purchased online and is an incredibly effective tool for hacking the opening and closing procedure of residential automations, of many alarms and electronic locks and of motor vehicles. In the presence of automatic and motorized systems in garages, it is not always possible to combine a safety lock because the motor release devices are easily accessible, in the event of a break-in, therefore in many conditions the excess of comfort is equivalent to a important limitation on security against burglary. If you have an automatic garage door opener, make sure it is set up correctly. Many people leave garage doors open when they leave and then forget to close them again. This makes your home vulnerable to theft.   Before a long outing or a vacation Make sure your garage door opens only when you tell it and closes automatically when you walk away. This is why, in conclusion, many families choose to lock the existing manual overhead door with Blindax security locks. To avoid being worried during holidays, working days, perhaps with children or the elderly alone at home, and they are right to opt for a mechanical, manual, strong and safe closure. Contact Blindax locks now to receive advice and to evaluate the real anti-burglary score of your garage door. Blindax security locks distributors for garage up and over doors. Blindax kit it’s Patented! How to avoid theft in the garage with reinforcement plates painted in RAL An now how to defend your garage door without unwanted aesthetic results. without quarrels in residences or condominiums, without unsightly jobs that make the result of your armor work unpleasant. An expert technician will follow you step by step guaranteeing you the following services: security locks for doors garage door lock options security lock garage door best garage door locks security locks distributors garage door locks at home depot best door locks to prevent break-ins garage door safety heavy duty garage door lock security lock company garage door safety features security locksmith If you liked this article you can also read how to increase the security of your front door in this new post: What Is The Most Secure Lock For A Front Door? Blindax lock on You Tube How to avoid theft in the garage, you can also keep up to date on my You Tube channel. If you want to get a general knowledge on how to avoid thefts in the garage and at home you can also follow my You Tube channel. Guarda questo video su YouTube How much does it cost to change a lock to prevent break-ins Send photos of your lock on Whatsapp or Telegram at numbers +39.344.1597391 or +39.348.8151975 or for emali to ( that we compare with our database, collected in 30 years of activity, to find out your real burglary security score. Foreign customers living in Italy If you live in Italy or have a second home in Italy, we will come to you to increase the security of your home and change your locks. We have served customers with the service of locksmith for lock changes in Venice, Jesolo, Caorle, Bibione, Padua, Treviso, Vicenza, Verona, Belluno, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Milan, Bologna, Trento and Bolzano.