4 ways to protect your armored doors from burglars

A security door keeps thieves away Armored doors, 4 ways to protect your security doors from thieves without letting them even start the break-in. What kind of lock can I put on my armor door to keep it from breaking in? First you need to upgrade your passive security systems instead of looking for a shortcut by installing an alarm or video surveillance system, which are useful but are not the completion of your home security system. Here’s how to reinforce your armored front doors with secure locks made up of 4 essential elements for your home security. All of this content correlates with the fact that people are afraid of thieves and of being robbed. The fear of thieves does not exist derives from personality disorder, man is naturally afraid but it must be managed in the best way. If the approach to the fear of theft does not start from these principles we are talking about nothing. How an armored security lock works and what are the 4 strengths to ensure maximum security against break-ins: How Does Safe Lock Work, find the article here. The most important thing you need to know about changing armored locks For the safety of your home you need to know this: leave with knowing who to call to change the lock, find the article here. Guarda questo video su YouTube

Armored doors class 5

Prestigious high security 5 armored doors, bulletproof, from the manufacturer and directly from Italy. You can’t afford this to happen to you When you leave home unattended and you think: “So much it will be for a few days!” think about this scenario right away. It is a cold evening during the Christmas and New Year holidays where mum and daughter are already in the holiday location in the mountains and dad will join them in the late evening. The house has an armored door with more than 10-15 years, which has never been updated (no technician has ever remembered it) is locked with all the locks, cameras are installed in the house (but the intruder who wearing hood and mask will not be recognized), the house will remain uninhabited at least until Epiphany because the last minute decision is to extend the stay on vacation. Until your return …: the girl’s bike is no longer in the garage, the scooters are not there, the house is devastated … the locks work perfectly but there are no signs of forced entry … why did all this happen? I know you are a very responsible person and you don’t want headaches You cannot stop worrying about the health and safety of your family, guarding your material possessions and the memories of your parents, your grandparents. At the same time you also need secondary aspects to live peacefully and happily in society, you want to enjoy excellent health and peace of mind, cultivate relationships with people, be efficient and enterprising, create solid relationships both in the workplace and with friends who will undoubtedly respect you. One unexpected day the burglars intercepting vulnerable parts of your home, the neighborhood is absent, you are away for work or on vacation … and … at a certain point the serenity you had before fails, generating trauma and feelings of guilt in the family, also chain problems that expand to the circle of acquaintances. Only you who are a caring parent know how much your family, your safety, your peace of mind are worth. ▲  Be careful now, it will save you, your family and all your belongings. Prestigious armored doors, side doors, designer armored shutters in pure Italian style, maximum security, to protect your family, your home, your jewels from unwanted predators, these sturdy luxury doors will arrive directly at your home with excellent Italian craftsmanship. Single doors with bulletproof, arched, double-leaf glass, mineral PVC panels, thermal and acoustic insulation, patented floor threshold, Blindax® anti-burglary lock, from the manufacturer and directly from Italy. We also have customers around the world. For information and orders, please speak English or Italian. For now the quote will be sent to you in Italian and English. For informations call Erika +39.344.1597391 Home security systems that put armored doors and security shutters at the top before any electronic alarm system and video surveillance, safety first, Blindax.