How to avoid theft in the garage

Total safety on up and over doors, Blindax security locks for garage doors in a complete and Patented kit You’ve probably heard about garage thieves before. They’re everywhere, and they’re getting more sophisticated by the day. But what are they after? And how do you protect yourself from them? How to avoid theft in the garage? You may think that your car, motorcycle, racing bike, MTB, scooter and all your sports equipment are safe in your garage, but they are vulnerable to theft. Thieves will be looking for easy targets, so be aware that garage doors are not secure. This is the real weakness of home security. If you have a security system installed in your home, such as an alarm system or a video surveillance system, make sure it is up to date, that it complies with the regulations, especially the rules of privacy and condominium ones, if you live in a residence or condominium. Also, consider installing physical devices and door and window armor that visually impress and make the shrewd thief retreat or desist. These devices, such as security locks, armored doors and anti-break-in windows, should be fundamental parts for the safety of the home. For this reason it is very limiting to skimp and therefore fall back only on the work given by the active signaling, when then, an old lock can be blocked at any time or be opened by any thief equipped with a common and banal Bulgarian key. If you have an automatic garage door opener, then a remote controlled motorization, make sure it is set up and updated correctly with the safest and most filtered radio frequencies possible. It should open only when a button is pressed, not independently by approaching or moving away from the property, nor by making use of home automation connections that rely on the internet. Also, make sure that the remote control is kept out of the reach of children and pets. An automation that works with the most up-to-date radio frequencies can help you avoid garage thefts if the thief uses a signal jammer, such as a jammer. A Jammer is a device that can be purchased online and is an incredibly effective tool for hacking the opening and closing procedure of residential automations, of many alarms and electronic locks and of motor vehicles. In the presence of automatic and motorized systems in garages, it is not always possible to combine a safety lock because the motor release devices are easily accessible, in the event of a break-in, therefore in many conditions the excess of comfort is equivalent to a important limitation on security against burglary. If you have an automatic garage door opener, make sure it is set up correctly. Many people leave garage doors open when they leave and then forget to close them again. This makes your home vulnerable to theft.   Before a long outing or a vacation Make sure your garage door opens only when you tell it and closes automatically when you walk away. This is why, in conclusion, many families choose to lock the existing manual overhead door with Blindax security locks. To avoid being worried during holidays, working days, perhaps with children or the elderly alone at home, and they are right to opt for a mechanical, manual, strong and safe closure. Contact Blindax locks now to receive advice and to evaluate the real anti-burglary score of your garage door. Blindax security locks distributors for garage up and over doors. Blindax kit it’s Patented! How to avoid theft in the garage with reinforcement plates painted in RAL An now how to defend your garage door without unwanted aesthetic results. without quarrels in residences or condominiums, without unsightly jobs that make the result of your armor work unpleasant. 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