Privacy and usual electronic connections

Abuse of electronics, it’s no good Privacy hangs in the balance Knowing that many people are wary of the issue of electronic abuse in a residential security / privacy context, this article aims to invite wealthy people to delve into passive and active security that makes use of electronics and information technology by putting in place estimate only high costs of management and assistance. Apart from this, this article is intended to encourage the traditionalist and conservative customer not to go out of their sound principles, venturing into low cost products and services, an apparent convenience that hides little personal security and short or few guarantees. Evolution appreciated? Not everyone We can all appreciate this great change in the market today, aimed at the convenience and massive use of electronics and information technology, nanotechnologies, connected equipment, which involve a strong exposure to privacy vulnerabilities, hacking and much more. Many mechanical products remain highly appreciated by a niche of users, still seen in their context of user control, which is why there are many people, for example, who use keys for mechanical locks and are not registered on any social media. Open parenthesis, the opinions and fake news on social networks, highly credible, because they install prejudices, are a problem above all in Italy and Europe, in the States the TV still has priority, closed parentheses. To overcome the privacy problem, mechanical locks win hands down Mechanical locks win on the benefit of dead-man control and therefore without being disturbed, for example, by notifications on your smartphone, without opening bridges to system hackers. This control, and mental / structural relaxation, given by mechanical locks, is achieved precisely with the dead-man function of the lock, it means closing the lock by hand as we have always done, it is valid for any action, certain, in the carry out an important, useful and conscious action, above all that reminds us that it has been successfully completed, without delegating it to automatic equipment that does the work for us. Privacy and usual electronic connections into new generation locks and smart locks If you do not want to receive notifications on your smartphone, which fill your display telling you: “House lock open”, while you are on vacation, you have only one chance. You must rely on simple locking systems, which means non-trivial, that is, having total control when you close your door, a fundamental and conscious principle and action that does not jeopardize your safety and your peace of mind compromised by the signaling of any electronic device. People emotionally choose what to buy, in a polarized way, they don’t manage the variables and therefore the difficult things. Convenience is often only the tip of the Iceberg, which hides potential problems that continually put your wallet in hand. Unless you are a fan of technology and like to spend money on it, this article will reread it several times. If you believe in simplicity and privacy you are on the right site, otherwise, as long as your friends are by the pool enjoying a cocktail, in a clear and warm tropical evening, from a remote Caribbean island, 20,000 km away, you will find yourself at turn pale to terrify you, to see that your mobile signals your smart lock suddenly open or locked.