Who to call to change locks

The 7 best questions to ask before hiring a locksmith to change your locks Who to call to change locks and how to do it by asking 7 precise fundamental questions to give the job only to the expert locksmith. Whatever the reason, there are a few things you should know before calling someone to change your locks. Read more… The change of locks is an important step to protect yourself from theft and illegal occupation of your first home or second home. Changing the locks of the house is a fundamental operation in the event of a deed as a new owner or takeover as a rented tenant. It is also a good idea, if you live in a residence or condominium, to make the neighborhood and the administrator aware of a general safety plan. However, those who have an alarm, those who watch it, there are not many who have clear ideas who to call to change locks. They can advise you and present you with one or more solutions If this seems like a lot of 7 questions, know that safety is not a trivial or simplified thing. 1. Will you do the work on site without removing the doors by going to the workshop? 2. Assistance: does it guarantee intervention in case of need? 3. Can you give me a quote? 4. How long is the warranty valid? 5. Will I have to sign something? 6. How fast can you get the job done? 7. Is there anything else I should know?   Will He do the work on site without removing the doors by going to the workshop? When a competent and specialized locksmith communicates the timing to carry out the intervention at your home, he is punctual and dedicates the agreed time without you having to delay your subsequent appointments. Michele Bortolotti is one of the few lock technicians who, in addition to ensuring timely deliveries, launched the technique of requesting quotes via app on his smartphone, recently decided to pay his consultancy services with 15-minute slots. or 30 minutes just to focus on the most demanding customers. It is important to make sure of the type of lock to be changed and that the work is done on site without taking the door to the workshop, leaving the customer in a state of apprehension and a long wait. Assistance: does it guarantee intervention in case of need? It is also important to ask questions about the availability of the service provider. Do they offer 24/7 emergency services? Are they available after normal business hours? Will they come to your home or office? What if they fail to complete the task? These are all important considerations because if something goes wrong, you want to know what will happen and if so who else to call. Can you give me a quote? You should ask for two offers, a top-of-the-range complete solution and a more simplified solution and argue their differences. Insure if it applies government tax deductions, if it provides VAT documentation and payment methods. Absolutely avoid seemingly advantageous payment methods to get a discount, workers work with another emphasis and work poorly if everything is about extreme savings. This is especially important if you plan to work with him again. How long is the warranty extended? A good locksmith will offer a guarantee on his work, not a trivial 1 year guarantee like in the commercial world. If you are seeing who to call to change locks, pay attention to the longevity of the guarantees. The expert of the products and their installation is only the locksmith and not his suppliers, it is with him that you have to talk, not with a lock shop that deals purely with the commercial part. If you have a doubt about the chosen intervention, you must clarify it with the blacksmith and do not attempt the shortcut by asking for snacks and morsels of information scattered here and there. Usually the locksmiths give the 2 year legal warranty, it is rare to find extended warranties, however ask. Make sure you understand what the warranty covers. For all your doubts ask him new questions. The deadly mistake is to believe that you are nagging and pressing, but in the end it is you who put the money on the table. The workers and commercials to avoid are those who get annoyed by your questions. However, there must be questions and answers that solve simple doubts, it is not recommended to bore the technicians on the phone with long conversations, over half an hour, those are private consultations and must be paid for. If you are looking for a new locksmith, be sure to find out the length of his warranty. This will help you determine if this type of investment with him is worthwhile. A good locksmith will provide a warranty period of at least 2 years. Will I have to sign something? There are negotiations where not only you are involved, there could be a wife, a relative, a partner, a board of directors. If the decision involves the whole family or an external consultant, make sure that a decision maker is present at the time of the appointment, the inspection or the formulation of the offer because otherwise a good locksmith or representative of the same will not arrange any meeting, whether it can be done live or via video call or with a one-to-many webinar, for example. Pre-contractual communication is very important to be clear right away. If you have to sign something, and you are a decision maker, the locksmith or his legal representative will need to let you know before meeting you. For major renovations it is good to have a written contract. If there are extremely advantageous tax bonuses, pay attention to how the credit transfer is managed. For a simple lock change, just define the offer and sign the payment conditions if the intervention involves the advance of a deposit. Remember that routine maintenance work for changing the locks is accompanied by these documents: • invoice, (house lock change description) • tax return for the first home for private customers, • information or consent to privacy. If the locksmith you contacted or the lock shop, which passes you a reference, does not know what documentation to deliver to you, it is a bad indicator, contact another company. Lately with a click the financial statements of the various companies can be downloaded, do not believe that with a millionaire budget you will be sure of receiving better, fast, tailor-made services for you, especially if you are a private individual. This is a fault of many managers who, in order not to be reprimanded by their superiors, contact a manufacturer and ask for the name of a reseller trying to safeguard their job. How fast can you get the job done? Every door deserves the time it takes to change a lock. When modifications and maintenance interventions are foreseen in the context of changing the lock, it is important to know how long it will take to complete the work. The work of converting locks for armored doors with European cylinders takes time, a well done modification takes from 2 to 4 hours. Whoever carries out a transformation of an armored lock in an hour or less is doing a rough, hasty job and is not a good indicator, probably in a hurry to serve other customers and the emphasis is on speed of execution. In interventions that include a system consisting of several locks for the security of terraced houses such as: the armouring of a garage, a fire door, the replacement of cylinders for windows, the modification to the entrance lock of the wooden shutter, here that it is advisable to take a day off to follow the construction site. The locksmith must ensure maximum attention and cleanliness as long as he carries out the interventions, especially protecting the wooden flooring where present. If you need maximum cleanliness, have the locksmith’s shoes put disposable protections. Is there anything else I should know? A good locksmith or his sales representative will list the points on which you have reached an agreement and does not run away after he has presented his products to you and made you sign a contract, or you do not feel the phone slammed at the ear on the other side, that is, a call that closes forcefully. Don’t forget to have your keys and certificate of ownership perfectly sealed. This can be a great time, if you have met live, to be able to drink a good coffee together. Now you have a complete picture of who to call to change locks, not a generalist but a specialized locksmith, expecially if you looking for how to change euro lock. Watch now how avoid theft in the garage on my You Tube channel. See also this valuable post. Guarda questo video su YouTube How much does it cost to change a lock to prevent break-ins Locksmith to change locks Send photos of your lock on Whatsapp or Telegram at numbers +39.344.1597391 or +39.348.8151975 or for emali to (blindaxitalia@gmail.com) that we compare with our database, collected in 30 years of activity, to find out your real burglary security score. Foreign customers living in Italy If you live in Italy or have a second home in Italy, we will come to you to increase the security of your home and change your locks. We have served customers with the service of locksmith for lock changes in Venice or Venezia and Mestre, Jesolo, Caorle, Bibione, Padua or Padova, Treviso, Vicenza, Verona, Garda Lake, Belluno, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Milan or Milano, Bologna, Trento and Bolzano, Merano.