How to avoid home burglaries

Here is the element that must never be missing when you do not know how to avoid home thefts How to avoid home burglaries with European Cylinder locks You may think you have nothing to worry about when it comes to home security. However, before you go to work, go to bed in the evening or go away for a long time there is a device that will be of enormous help to you. It is called a European cylinder security lock with defender and is the first thing you should think about before installing an alarm or video surveillance system. European cylinder with high security grade defender is the most important upgrade for common locks and locks for armored doors. It’s an update that installs without damaging the ports and takes less than a day to apply. It is very important that it is installed by qualified personnel so that a total maintenance of the door closing system is also included with the assembly work. You can insert the new European key into the cylinder and turn it to open and close the door with unparalleled smoothness, thus increasing not only safety but also the convenience of closing. Widespread types of locks There are two main types of door locks: toggle key or double-bitted locks, cylinder key, the locks that make use of pins that move into position when turned by a milled or punched key. Lever locks use levers or plates, called gorges, that move into position when turned by a key. Both types of locks require keys, but the difference between them lies in the way the key works and how it fits with the combination. A cylinder key uses small and shaped pins, it uses a series of small holes drilled in the key, this is good when the cylinder is of quality because it suffers from little wear and tear. When the key turns, these holes line up with the corresponding holes in the cylinder, allowing the key to turn the cylinder smoothly and without jerks. Conversely, a toggle key uses a series of notches cut into the key. As it rotates, the notches align with the corresponding slots in the cylinder, allowing it to rotate. The lever or bit key suffers from a lot of wear, it can be easily manipulated from the Bulgarian key used by thieves and risks many times, after several years of use, of being locked out of the house. European Cylinder is difference Taking the European cylinder model as a reference scheme, therefore the one with a pin key and not a bits key, this has also been designed to protect your home from burglary. It is essential to focus on European profile cylinders of maximum security and of new generation, not necessarily electronic, mechanics is still the undisputed queen of home security. The safe European cylinder consists of two parts; one part is the internal cylinder lock with the protective armor, which in the jargon of the sector is called defender, the other part is in the pawl or European cylinder which is the block to which the keys are associated. How to avoid home burglaries and commercial doors break ins with security locks The European cylinder lock is installed on the entrance door and on the doors of commercial activities where a lot of security against break-ins is required and where customers do not give up on recursive maintenance and updates to maintain this high level of security. Here’s how to lay a solid foundation for installing security locks for doors and keys and preventing theft in your home and office. Get your anti-theft deterrent to stop the thief’s key, don’t forget to install armored doors with solid European cylinder lock. How much does it cost to change a lock to prevent break-ins Send photos of your lock on Whatsapp or Telegram at numbers +39.344.1597391 or +39.348.8151975 or for emali to ( that we compare with our database, collected in 30 years of activity, to find out your real burglary security score. Foreign customers living in Italy If you live in Italy or have a second home in Italy, we will come to you to increase the security of your home and change your locks. We have served customers with the service of locksmith for lock changes in Venice, Jesolo, Caorle, Bibione, Padua, Treviso, Vicenza, Verona, Belluno, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Milan, Bologna, Trento and Bolzano.